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Our firm consists mainly in the design and

implementation of practical business structures.

Inspired by the determination, sense of purpose and passion of a group of talented, highly-skilled, dedicatedand experienced lawyers and accountants, V5 was founded in 2018 driven by a powerful vision of incorporating a firm to support our loyal clients. 

V5 members are graduated from top schools worldwide warranting a steadily service to bring favorable outcomes not only for our clients, but for the entire legal and accounting profession.


V5 is a law firm that was created with the synergy of successful law and accounting specialists seeking to add the greatest value to its clients through an efficiently and cost-effectively multidisciplinary group comprised of senior and junior lawyers and accountants with extensive experience and professional excellence offering dedication, commitment, confidence and trust to our clients.

Our unmatched advisory mainly consists in providing solutions to sophisticated legal and financial issues, designing and implementing practical business structures through an excellence solution-oriented approach. This advisory includes matters such as legal, tax, financial and lobbying before authorities, backed up with qualified administrative, civil law, commercial litigation and defense of financial crime and industrial property areas.  


Devoted to give strategic and creative remedies on challenging and complex cases, the Firm provides high-quality legal counselling to its clients, ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to largest companies, in the following areas: administrative, customs, civil, foreign trade, civil and commercial contracts, corporate, tax, real estate, immigration, criminal (financial and industrial property crimes), industrial and intellectual property and regulatory health.


The members of V5 are proud of representing its clients with the highest ethics, efficiency, professionalism and quality parameters to improve legal efficiency and provide our know-how on a comprehensive basis understanding the needs and interests of our clients. 

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