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Aware of the fact that obtaining the best client outcome often requires skilful negotiation to avoid high-price litigation, clients are advised in preventing risks and, if the case may be, in solving conflicts seeking for the optimum benefit of the client. We are assertive litigators when the cases need so. We energetically defend our clients’ interest both inside and outside the courtroom. V5 counsels its clients in all types of litigation before the federal or state courts. The firm also has particular expertise in the area of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation and arbitration.

 Among the different types of litigation in which the members of this firm have participated are:

  • Ordinary civil and commercial actions. 

  • Summary commercial actions

  • Bankruptcy matters.

  • Special mortgage lawsuits. 

  • Lease lawsuits

  • Family matters lawsuits.

  • Amparo lawsuits.

  • Commercial arbitration.

  • Receivables due and payable recovery.


If you would like any further information or need advice on Civil and Commercial Litigation Team ,

please contact our legal team.






(FCPA) Companies affiliated to North American entities and related with government, are subject to the legislation in this matter.

We offer to perform evaluations that determine its application to the specific case; training of employees and business partners; planning and implementation of internal controls; commercial risk investigation, support in bidding procedures; audit of corporate books and accounting entries; risks evaluation, red flag mitigation plans; analysis and opinions on specific transactions involving government officials.

• Data Privacy Law.

• Law of Civil Liability for the Protection of the Right to Private Life, Honor and the Image itself in the Federal District.

• Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Ilegal Origin Resources.

• Drafting and training on internal policies and procedures. 






A crucial part in the success of a business is to produce contracts allowing an efficient transaction effectively and adequately protecting the interests of its investors at the same time. Our professional Contracts Group apply constant determination toward achieving the best possible results for our clients.  In this regard, our motivated team of lawyers has strong experience to provide the following services:

  • Analysis of the type of required contract, as well as the governing legislation and court precedents applicable to each case, including the negotiating strategy to implement.

  • Drafting and negating contracts of civil, commercial and administrative nature.

  • Drafting and negotiating commercial nature contracts, among others, stock purchase agreements, assets purchase agreements, services agreements, trust agreements, supply and distribution agreements, sales representation agreements, aircraft lease and raw material purchase agreements.

  • Developing and negotiating contracts related to the telecommunications and information technology sectors.

  • Drawing up and trading contracts related to the aviation sector.

  • Overall, preparing the required Agreements with third parties and Agreements between companies of the same group for the efficient operation of any commercial business


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Should you need any further information or need advice on contracts, please contact our legal team.










Our team represent clients in a wide variety of corporate matters from entrepreneurs, small companies operating locally to private and world’s largest companies. V5 corporate attorneys are experienced lawyers and have large-scale knowledge in the area that can guide you through different transactions. Corporate lawyers provide consistently high-quality advice and effective solutions on timely manner and within budget.


In addition to many other legal services, we can offer:

  • Design and implementation of corporate structures, partnerships and strategic alliances, including the corresponding analysis on foreign investments.

  • Incorporation of companies; prepare, and, where appropriate, negotiate bylaws and formalizations with notary public; prepare shares certificates or partnership interests and the corresponding registrations with the competent authorities.

  • Negotiate agreements between shareholders and plan schemes for corporate groups and their subsidiaries.

  • Corporate governance, which includes attendance at meetings and meetings of the Board, prepare the corresponding meeting minutes and update corporate books.


Contact our Corporate Law team

If you would like any further information or need advice on Corporate Law, please contact our legal team.






Aware that the regulatory framework in Mexico evolves constantly and knowing the contingencies that this may represent to companies in case of a breach, V5 Health Regulatory Practice Group has a proven record of success on providing our clients with the highest quality advice.


In this sense, our firm has an extensive area specializing in in virtually every aspect of regulatory matters specializing in health issues before the Federal Commission for Protection against Health risks (COFEPRIS).


V5 is prepared to provide advice to both domestic and foreign companies. The firm has successfully tried several cases in products, whether domestic or foreign manufacture, and in any process related to sanitary records of medicines, food supplements, medical devices, sanitary licenses, permits, etc.


Our well-versed team has a keen understanding of this hugely supervised industry and a multidisciplinary area of masterly lawyers, chemists, doctors and engineers, contributing with the sanitary authority to strengthening the protection against sanitary risks, thus providing notably prompt response in the proceedings before authorities.       


Contact our Health RegulatoryGroup 

If you would like any further information or need advice on Health RegulatoryGroup, please contact our legal team.









Services provided by our V5 Industrial Property include all aspects of industrial and intellectual property as follows:

  • Background searches and opinion-making in relation to trademarks, commercial notices, inventions, copyrights and domain names. 

  • Filing of applications for trademark registration, patents, industrial designs and commercial notices.

  • Audits preparation on industrial property matters.

  • Consultancy, negotiation and drafting of assignment of rights Agreements. 

  • Advisory, mediation and drawing up licensing and technical assistance contracts. 

  • Litigation in administrative and judicial matters for the protection or defence of industrial property rights. 

  • Preparation, applications and maintenance of all types of copyrights.

  • Negotiation and creation of software licensing contracts. 

  • Non-disclosure agreements. 

  • Non-competition agreements.

  • Consultancy, negotiation and preparation of franchise agreements.


Contact our Industrial Property Group 

If you would like any further information or need advice, please contact our legal team.




Our thoughtful, committed and responsible role as advocates cause that both individuals and legal entities trust V5 to facilitate their immigration matters. Clients benefit from V5 customized services offered by helping them in obtaining a wide variety of immigration documents according to their needs, facilitating transfers, importing high-ranked talented directors to countries around the world, obtaining visas, temporary work authorization, lawful permanent residence, citizenship through naturalization for employees and family dependents. 


The firm's Migration Practice Group has been particularly successful in providing an integral approach, encouraging and facilitating interaction with a unique contact within our firm that master the legal security of the foreign staff joining the company.


Contact our ImmigrationGroup 

If you would like any further information or need advice on ImmigrationGroup  Group, please contact our legal team




(financial and intellectual property crimes)


V5 seasoned lawyers are a unique blend of criminal advocates drawn from specialized criminal law cases who have key positions to deal with the main prosecuting authorities in Mexico. The firm has a resourceful, acute and innovative team handling financial and intellectual property crimes to provide discreet, effective and expert advice to senior executives, corporations and high net worth individuals and limit damage awards for clients. We are regularly entrusted to defend and try some of the most difficult cases. Our lawyers take an active role in counselling our clients on best practices.       

 The principle laid down in the doctrine and in our Constitution sets forth that: “Every individual is entitled to protect his/her property or person against an aggressor”. This core idea is what makes V5 understand the circumstances of each of our clients who believe and entrust their cases to the firm, and whom we are honoured to represent. 


Hence, as professionals of the law we seek to apply all our knowledge and experience in order to advise and defend our clients using all possible strategies against irregular criminal procedures and the inefficient administration of justice that we all face to reach a fair resolution, without questioning or never judging the behaviours of the people.


Our firm adheres to the principle of not judging or qualifying the behaviours of our clients, applying all our resources, structuring solutions and alternatives for our clients with the desire to achieve their legal and economic purposes.       


The firm’s policies include understanding the needs of our clients to provide timely professional advice, as well as reporting in full each stage of our work and providing services by ensuring cost efficiency.

 The most valuable and rewarding compensation for V5 will always be to fight and keep the most valuable resource any individual can have: freedom.

 Among other activities V5 specializes in the defence of accused persons committing among others: 

  • Securities Market Law Violation

  • Financial Institutions Law Violation 

  • Tax Crimes

  • Fraud

  • Transactions with illegally obtained resources

  • Illegal exploitation of works protected by the Federal Copyright Law (LFDA)

  • Illegally reproducing and commercializing works protected by the LFDA

  •  Abduction and illegal use of industrial secrets

  • Destruction of information contained in computer equipment

  • Counterfeit Products

  • Embezzlement

  • Public service undue exercise

  • Abuse of authority

  • Misuse of powers and authorities

  • Bribing and robbery 

  • Illicit enrichment


Contact our CriminalGroup 

If you would like any further information or need advice on Criminal Group, please contact our legal team.




Having healthy employer-employee relations are essential for the success of every company. For this reason, V5 Labor and Employment Team offer a combined and coordinated service, tailored to your needs. We compromise the best practical advice, creative solutions with a cost-effective approach to overcome any labor problem.


The range of services provided by the group includes:

  • Labor actions before the local and/or federal courts.

  • Out-of-court agreements.

  • Labor audits.

  • Day to day consultancy.

Review each of the files of the workers joining the company, such as:

• Payment receipts.

• Payroll lists.


• Registration and cancellations of employees from the Social Security Mexican Institute (IMSS).


• Union contracts.


• Review and registration of the Internal Labour Regulations.


• Analyse visits made by the Department of Labor.


• Social Welfare.


• Integration of the necessary documents to reduce the risks of labor complaints.


Contact our Labor and Employment Group 

If you would like any further information or need advice on Labor and Employment Group, please contact our legal team.








The firm has a full-service Real Estate Team and high-specialization in protecting the interests of national and foreign investors who acquire real estate in national territory. Consequently, we can bring you the consolidated knowledge of a group of lawyers who are capable to handle every aspect of commercial real estate. 


In this regard, the Firm advises its clients in the following areas:

  • Legal and registry analysis of property titles, in order to detect vices or irregularities and, where appropriate, legal regularization of the property.

  • Real estate audits, planning and design of legal strategies in the acquisition of large land areas for the implementation of residential, commercial and hotel real estate developments.

  • Property acquisition schemes for residential and non-residential purposes, including compliance with foreign investment requirements. 

  • Alternatives to hold property ownership in Mexico, and if applicable, corporate organization schemes of the operating companies required.

  • Consultancy in contracts and real estate construction projects.

  • Residential and commercial leases. 

  • Prepare and negotiate contracts in real estate matters, co-investment contracts, profit-sharing agreements, strategic alliances (Joint Ventures), for the acquisition of properties, and construction of developments and infrastructure, as well as contracts for third-party sales.

  • Consultancy on infrastructure for tourism developments, marinas, airports, golf courses, stating without limitation, analysis and advice on concessions, permits and authorizations, federal maritime zone land, airports, marinas, zoning restrictions and urban development.

  • Advising in the incorporation of companies with agricultural purpose, including the corresponding analysis in the matter of national waters.


Contact our Real Estate Group 

If you would like any further information or need advice on Real Estate Group, please contact our legal team




In V5 we are focused in having multidisciplinary tax practices involved in the structuring and implementation of transactions and tax-efficient projects developing and keeping a close relationship with our clients in order to understand in a wider scope their requirements, within a legal framework and observing the opinions of the courts. Thus, we are able to provide our clients proficient legal advice that affects directly the strategies of the company and execution of tax activities.


Besides consulting and tax structuring services, V5 has a depth of expertise in supporting our clients in with a focus on minimizing tax costs and maximizing financial return on acquisition processes, analysis of transfer price and developing and delivering innovative business and legal solutions.


V5 tax group practice handle complex and challenging legal matters for individual’s taxation by designing personal and family investment structures and offering vast experience on succession planning. We feel proud on giving customized solutions to our clients providing integrated tax advice. 


Also, V5 is an active group in the area of taxation, counselling its clients on the issuance of tax reports with respect to the transfer of shares, transfer pricing, as well as expert opinions in accounting and financial matters. Our purpose is to assist you to achieve your objectives in a tax-efficient manner and providing you with the highest standard of services in tax areas.


The members of our tax practice area are well equipped to advise taxpayers in audits of the tax authorities, in conclusive rulings before the Taxpayer’s A Protection Agency (Prodecon) and other bodies of similar nature, as well as on litigation in all its instances, even before the Supreme Court of Justice. With our global focus, we can efficiently assist clients in domestic and cross-border transactions.


Contact our Tax Practice Group 

If you would like any further information or need advice on Tax Law, please contact our tax team.


Founded by a sense of personal and professional responsibility and commitment to improve the life of the collective interests, V5 dedicates its resources to advice pro bono clients in different fields of law. Our partners and associates dedicate part of their weekly work to directly attend such matters. 


V5 members participate also in boards of pro bono organizations that have arrangements with private health institutions to enable individuals without sufficient funds to have free access to surgeries.


In addition, V5 members contribute by donating funds to public or private organizations that destine the funds to attend victims of natural disasters in the country.

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